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Pro Hac Vice

Visiting Attorneys – Admission Pro Hac Vice

An attorney who is not a member of the bar of this Court may appear and practice in this Court provided that the attorney files with the Clerk a Certification for Admission Pro Hac Vice for each case in which the attorney will enter an appearance.  The Clerk will investigate the requesting attorney’s eligibility as necessary.

Attorneys seeking Pro Hac Vice admission will no longer be required to file a “Notice of Appearance Pro Hac Vice” but must, instead, submit the Certification for Admission Pro Hac Vice.


Associated Local Counsel

A visiting attorney must have at all times associated with him/her a member of the bar of this Court, upon whom all process, notices and other papers may be served and who shall sign all papers filed with the Court and whose attendance at any proceeding may be required by the Court.  The Court may at any time for good cause and without hearing revoke the right of a visiting lawyer to practice. See Local Rule 83.1(c).


How to Apply

The Certification for Admission Pro Hac Vice Form is available on the Court’s website (see Supporting Documents on this page).  Complete the Certification form which requires signatures of Local Counsel and Applicant; and file same on ECF. The event “Certification for Admission Pro Hac Vice” can be found under the “Notices” category on ECF.  At the time you file the Certification form on ECF, you will be prompted to enter a credit card to electronically pay the fee of $100.


Once a Pro Hac Vice Certificate has been filed with the Court, if the attorney does not already have e-filing rights in the District of Maine, he/she must submit a Pro Hac Vice e-filing request via pacer at


Please call the Clerk’s Office in Portland at 207-780-3356 or in Bangor at 207-945-0575 if you have trouble with this process.


Supporting Documents
Certification forAdmissionPHV.pdf
Attorney Registration for Electronic Filing