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Representing Yourself (pro se)

The links on this page are designed to provide self-represented persons involved in a civil lawsuit (sometimes called “pro se” litigants with resources to assist them in the task of representing themselves in court. These resources consist of a self-representation handbook, links to procedural rules and legal forms, a list of FAQs, and other information to help self-represented persons meet the most basic requirements of the civil litigation process.

Although helpful, these resources are not a substitute for professional legal advice from an experienced attorney. Self-represented persons must learn procedural and substantive law through independent research if they are not able to obtain assistance from a licensed attorney.

Although the Clerk’s Office has provided these basic resources, the Clerk and Clerk’s Office staff are forbidden by law from giving legal advice. Legal advice includes but is not limited to: education concerning procedural or substantive law, interpretation of applicable legal precedent and rules, recommendation of a course of action, and interpretation of the meaning or effect of the Court’s decisions and rulings.

Where can I get legal advice?