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Electronic Filing (ECF)

The Court has the capacity to accept pleadings filed electronically via email. See this Court’s specific page on all things ECF here. A person who (1) is not a prisoner, (2) is a party to a civil action, and (3) is not represented by an attorney may submit an Electronic Case Filing (ECF) registration form. This process and form may allow you to electronically email documents to the Joint ECF Inbox, which the Clerk’s Office uses to receive filings from attorneys.


ECF Registration Form and attached instructions.


Prior to applying, you must confirm that you meet the system requirements needed to file and receive electronic documents. By registering to file electronically you are also consenting to be served electronically, in accordance with the provisions of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 5(b)(2)(E), and you will no longer receive documents filed with the Court or by the Court in the mail.


Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER)

The public can access the federal courts’ public records through the PACER system. More information about PACER, including how to register to access federal court records, is available on the PACER website here. See also PACER Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

PACER Contact Information: ph. 1-800-676-6856; email: