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CJA eVoucher Resources

Creating a Single Login Profile

 Creating a Single Login Profile (Video)

 Signing in to eVoucher and Modifying a Single Login Profile (Video)

Have more than one eVoucher Account?

For example, a panel member has both an account with USDC Maine and with the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals.

 How to Link an eVoucher Account

(Note: When a panel member only has only one eVoucher account there is nothing to link.)

 How to Access Linked Accounts

 Linking Accounts (Video)

Local eVoucher HELP DESK Contacts


Amy Spencer (207) 274-5157

Sarah McNamara: (207) 274-5106

Michele Mitchell: (207) 922-6426

Jenn Driscoll: (207) 922-6444