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Clerk's Office Directory



Christa K. Berry
Eric M. Storms
Clerk of Court
Chief Deputy Clerk


Edward T. Gignoux United States Courthouse
156 Federal Street
Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 780-3356





Melody Dalphonse

Intake Appeals


Bob Allen

Case Managers:




Judge Singal

Lindsey Tully


Judge Hornby

Charity Pelletier


Judge Torresen

Stacey Graf


Judge Levy

Charity Pelletier


Judge Woodcock

Teagan Snyder


Magistrate Judge Wolf

Nicholas Gordon


Jury Specialist/Case Manager

Brenda Boucher


Financial Administrator

Sarah Davis McNamara

Human Resources Specialist

Diane Ford

Budget Analyst

Jenifer Bennett

Procurement Specialist and Executive Assistant

Jennifer Wood

Financial Specialist

Amy Spencer

Facilities Specialist

Kevin Eames


IT Director

Matthew Day

Systems Engineer

John Whetstone

Systems Administrator

Nathan Horn

Courtroom Technology Specialist

Andrew Biedrzycki





Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building and United States Courthouse
202 Harlow Street
Bangor , Maine 04401
(207) 945-0575


District Operations Supervisor

Julie Rodrigue

Data Quality Analyst

Jennifer Driscoll

Case Manager for Judge Walker

Meghan Maker

Case Manager for Magistrate Judge Nivison + Jury

Maggie Melanson

CM/ECF Administrator

Michele Mitchell

Attorney Admissions

Maggie Melanson

Systems Support Specialist

Nicholas P. Petroulis