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Unofficial Dual Language Forms

Unofficial Dual Language Forms

The Judicial Conference’s Committee on Court Administration and Case Management has endorsed the posting of certain dual language forms that may be of assistance to persons of limited English proficiency. Each form contains the complete English text of the national judiciary form in addition to a Spanish language translation below each line of English text. These forms are not nationally supported or officially approved, but are provided as examples only as a matter of convenience to assist court interpreters and litigants with limited English proficiency as well as their attorneys. They do not replace the need for an official form in the English language. The availability of these forms does not obligate the judiciary to produce comparable forms in any other languages used by the public or defendants in court proceedings initiated by the United States. The AO takes no responsibility for the accuracy or legality of the material contained in these forms.


AO 83 S Summons in a Criminal Case

AO 86 A S Consent to Proceed Before a Magistrate Judge in a Misdemeanor Case Rev 10/20/09

AO 89 S Subpoena to Appear and Testify at a Hearing or Trial in a Criminal Case

AO 93 A S Search and Seizure Warrant on Oral Testimony

AO 93 S Search and Seizure Warrant Rev 10/20/09

AO 98 S Agreement to Forfeit Property Other than Real Property

AO 99 S Appearance Bond of Witness Rev 05/24/10

AO 100 S Agreement to Forfeit Real Property to Obtain a Defendants Release

AO 109 S Warrant to Seize Property Subject to Forfeiture

AO 110 S Subpoena to Testify Before a Grand Jury

AO 199 A S Order Setting Conditions of Release Rev 10/20/09

AO 199 B S Additional Conditions of Release Rev 10/20/09

AO 199 C S Advice of Penalties Rev 10/20/09

AO 246 A S Order of Discharge and Dismissal Under 18 USC 3607(a) Rev 10/20/09

AO 246 S Probation Order Under 18 USC 3607 Rev 10/20/09

AO 455 S Waiver of an Indictment Rev 10/20/09

AO 466 A S Waiver of Rule 5 & 5.1 Hearings Rev 10/20/09

AO 466 S Waiver of Rule 32.1 Hearing Rev 10/20/09

AO 468 S Waiver of a Preliminary Hearing Rev 10/20/09