Notice Re Third-Party Services and Access to Records in CM/ECF

District of Maine



Third-Party Services



November 15, 2018

Attorneys and case participants often use subscription-based services such as DocketBird, RECAP, and PACER Pro to collect, organize and disseminate information concerning filings in CM/ECF in cases in which they are involved.  The District of Maine cautions CM/ECF and PACER account holders about the use of these services and encourages users to safeguard their account credentials. While these services may be useful, vendors are able to access restricted and/or sealed documents and can then resell or publish the notice of electronic filings and corresponding documents resulting in third-parties being given access to sealed or restricted information in CM/ECF.

Individuals with a CM/ECF and PACER account should protect their account credentials and avoid sharing them with third-party vendors.  The Court urges you to take the following steps:

  1. Do not share CM/ECF and PACER account credentials with third parties; and
  2. Do not add third-party service providers as recipients for secondary email concerning Notices of Electronic Filing or Notices of Docket Activity.


Finally, individuals who have been granted an exemption from PACER fees in this District should not share documents they retrieve from PACER with third-party service providers.


CM/ECF account holders who have questions or need assistance can contact:

For Accounts Issued by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maine

Nancy J. Carter
(207) 922-6403
Kelli Felkel
(207) 274-5956


For Accounts Issued by the U.S. District Court for the District of Maine

Michele Mitchell: (207) 922-6426
Jennifer Driscoll
(207) 922-6444