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Friday, May 17, 2024

A person who is representing himself to be a clerk’s office case manager or a United States Marshal or a state or local law enforcement officer is contacting Maine residents, saying they did not comply with a jury summons or subpoena. The caller requests a return call or a payment of a fine in order to avoid being arrested. Oftentimes, the calls are sophisticated enough to use phone numbers and names of court employees or judges. Sometimes the caller may know some of your personal identifiers.  
This is a hoax. 
The court does not use the United States Marshals service or any state law enforcement officers to arrest potential jurors or those being subpoenaed. If you receive such a call, please terminate the call, do not provide any personal information, and notify the clerk’s office at 207-780-3356. The clerk’s office will share any information provided to federal law enforcement for investigation.