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District of Maine’s Chief Judge Award Recipients

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

United States District Court

District of Maine


On September 29, 2022, at the Court’s annual new law clerk orientation program, the District of Maine’s Chief Judge Award was presented to:

Jennifer P. Lyons, Career Law Clerk to the Hon. George Z. Singal;
Rebecca G. Klotzle, Career Law Clerk to the Hon. Nancy Torresen;
Marc J. Veilleux, Career Law Clerk to the Hon. Lance E. Walker; and
Susanni Douville, Career Law Clerk to the Hon. Karen Frink Wolf

The award was given in recognition of their innovative spirit, high standards, and commitment to the District of Maine and the cause of justice. The presentation was made by U.S. District Judge Lance Walker on behalf of Chief Judge Jon D. Levy, who was not able to attend the event.
Beginning in 2019, these four individuals launched an effort to totally revamp the District’s orientation program for new term law clerks. The program has proven to be highly effective and has advanced the quality of the experience term law clerks have during their time with the court, with particular emphasis in the areas of professional ethics and workplace conduct. The First Circuit’s Workplace Conduct Committee’s Law Clerk Subcommittee has adopted many of the elements of the Maine program as part of the model law clerk orientation program it has proposed for the five District Courts of the First Circuit.
In addition, at Chief Judge Levy’s request, Jen, Susanni, Marc and Rebecca created and maintain the District’s foreclosure process checklist—which is a valued resource. The checklist, which is regularly updated, saves the District’s term law clerks hours of research and ensures that the Court’s Foreclosure Judgments meet all the standards and elements—both obvious and obscure—required by Maine law.
The Chief Judge Award is part of the District Court’s Employee Recognition Plan. The award recognizes an employee or group of employees who demonstrate continuous commitment to the service of the organization throughout the year and exemplify the mission of the court. This includes employee(s) who consistently demonstrate fair and impartial judgment, interdepartmental cooperation, personal integrity, and exceptional efforts to meet the needs of the public.