In recent months, United States courts have learned that scammers are attempting to trick citizens into providing personal information or money over the phone or by email.  The scam often involves a claim or threat that the prospective juror will be prosecuted for a crime if they do not pay a fine or if they fail to comply with jury service. These false claims are used to coerce citizens into providing confidential data, which could lead to identity theft or fraud.  Please be aware that scammers may use the names of legitimate judicial officers, courts and law enforcement personnel to lend authenticity to their illegal activity.

Anyone having questions about the authenticity of a request should contact the Clerk’s Office for the U.S. District for the District of Maine at 1-800-578-5708 or visit the Court’s website at http://www.med.uscourts.gov/nodeblock/juror-information or visit http://www.uscourts.gov/FederalCourts/JuryService/JurorScams.aspx